To Do or Not to Do

As we begin the season of Lent today, some of us may still be pondering what we should “do” for Lent. While it is true that it is not all about our “doing” but rather our openness to God’s action in our lives, our actions do matter.

The heart of the Lenten season is my being drawn into a closer relationship with Jesus. God takes the initiative and God draws me to Himself. For my part, I need to honestly assess what in my life and actions is preventing me from being open to God’s love. Those things which take up unnecessary space in my heart or block my living in conformity with God’s desires need to go, and I need to DO whatever it takes to make that happen.

Actions without the proper intentions are not helpful. Good intentions without actions do not help me grow in my relationship to Jesus. 

What will you do this Lent, and why?

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