Pastoral Council

Advisory in capacity and consensus-seeking in practice, members provide the pastor with trustworthy and timely advice regarding the direction and activities of our parish. Members are appointed by the pastor for a two-year term and meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Finance Council

In accordance with the Parish Finance Council norms of the Diocese of Toledo, members work cooperatively with the Director of Finance and Operations to provide trustworthy and timely advice to the pastor regarding the development and management of the parish’s temporal resources. Members are appointed by the pastor and meet regularly throughout the year.

ACTS Council

In accordance with the ACTS Missions Director’s Manual, the ACTS Council is the governing body of the ACTS community in our parish. Members must have been a participant in an adult ACTS Retreat and served on an adult ACTS Team and display leadership abilities with a servant’s heart. New members are selected on a rotating basis at the parish ACTS Convocation each June through a discernment process and serve a three-year term. Council meetings are held on the second Monday of each month.


Saint Benedict School of Trustees

In accordance with Statutes approved by the Bishop of Toledo (2010), authority is entrusted to the members of the Board of Trustees to operate Saint Benedict Catholic School which is co-sponsored by Little Flower and Our Lady of Lourdes parishes, subject to policies and procedures of the Diocese of Toledo. New members are nominated by pastors and selected by Trustees for a three-year term (renewable one time) and board meetings typically occur every other month on the 4thMonday.

Saint Benedict School