“As the domestic Church, the parents, by word and example, are the first heralds of the faith with regard to their children”

Vatican II, Lumen Gentium

It is in the context of the family that we first learn who God is. God entrusts primary responsibility to parents to be the first teachers of the faith to their children, making it their constant care to bring their child up in the practice of the faith. It is the duty of every Christian parent to see that the divine life God gives their child through Baptism is kept safe from the poison of sin so as to grow always stronger.

We strive to support parents in fulfilling the commitment they made at the Baptism of their child, helping them to grow in their own understanding and practice of the faith in many different ways.

Parish bible study conflicts with your child’s soccer practice? Wishing there was a faith resource that your whole family could share? Looking for some help in addressing a difficult topic with your teen?

At times thought of as a “Catholic Netflix”, FORMED is an online platform of Catholic resources including video studies, feature films, audio materials, ebooks and blogs. These resources are available to you when you need them and when your schedule allows.

As a gift to you and an investment in the faith formation of our families, Little Flower Parish provides for you (free of charge) access to these hundreds of resources. Simply set up your account at www.formed.org using the Parish Code: 4HP8JR.

Parenting today’s teen isn’t always easy.

The staff at Little Flower Parish are here to help you and your family. We know that parents want the best for their children and for them to have strong Catholic values. We have a wonderful resource called Parent Life.

Parent Life aims to educate parents on teen culture so that they can be empowered to fearlessly and faithfully guide their teenagers through the modern world.

The Parent Life Website allows parents to find incredible content to help with the very challenging and blessed years of raising teenagers. It exists to serve parents with access to ideas, tips, and information on a variety of topics that will bless parents, their marriage, and their family. Parent Life offers a glimpse into teen culture including trending items, social media, resources, and has resources in Espanol.