Eclipse and the Resurrection

You think the total solar eclipse was a big deal? JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD AND LIVES AMONG US!

Many of us had the extraordinary opportunity to view the eclipse yesterday. We purchased special glasses, we read and studied background information, we traveled great distances, and we put up with many inconveniences — all to experience a few moments of… darkness.

It causes me to wonder to what lengths I am willing to go to see, experience, and encounter Jesus?

  • I don’t have to wait for a century for Him to make an appearance. HE IS ALWAYS HERE.
  • I don’t need special glasses to see Him. ALL I NEED IS AN OPEN HEART.
  • I don’t need to travel across the country to catch a glimpse of Him. HE LIVES WITHIN ME.
  • I don’t need to be concerned about traffic jams, or shortages of gas or food. HE BRINGS GREAT ABUNDANCE.

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