Sunday Gospel Primer (4/4) – Easter Sunday 2021

Sunday Gospel Primer (4/4) – Easter Sunday 2021

On EASTER SUNDAY we hear the startling account of Jesus’ Resurrection (John 20:1-9).

A new creation takes place. It is the first day of the week – literally, day one (v. 1). Notice the focus upon what is seen. The physical evidence of a new creation abounds.

The disciple whom Jesus loved was at the foot of the Cross. In contrast, Peter had denied Jesus no less than three times. Perhaps they were discussing the events of Thursday in the upper room and later at Gethsemane, then the next day inexpressible suffering endured and death on a cross. John discussing what happened at the foot of the cross, Peter unable and disheartened. Then, Mary Magdalene appears and announces the stone has been removed and tomb is empty.

Peter and John dash to the tomb together, but John arrives first (v. 4). I imagine John unable to contain his excitement while Peter’s feet become increasingly heavy from deepening shame. Thoughts wildly assailing Peter regarding what awaits him because of his infidelity.

Eventually both enter and believe that Jesus had risen from the dead from the physical evidence they observed (vv. 8-9). However they had not yet assented to belief based on Sacred Scripture that “Jesus had ot rise from the dead.” Here, the Gospel writer emphasizes that physical evidence is not needed to believe! Rather, intentional disciples entrust themselves to the truth and authority of God’s Word. There is more for them – and us – to learn.