What Will You Choose (3/25)

Our blessed Lord Jesus’ obedience to the Father’s saving plan gives us the example of perfect humility. Note carefully, that His obedience is not passive, but active. That is, Jesus makes the Father’s saving plan His own. By means of His suffering and death, Christ Jesus chooses to give Himself up for us and for our salvation.
Neither is He forced nor obliged. He volunteers and does so for everyone. 
Jesus’ loving initiative merits a loving response on our part. It now is for us to show our earnest desire to be one with Him. Jesus Christ puts before us the ultimate choice: either our lives spiral into oblivion through selfish isolation or we devote ourselves and everything we have to the glory of God and service of others.
For genuine followers of Jesus Christ, there is no middle way or negotiated compromise. This week we call holy, dare to go the distance and remain with Jesus.

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