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“Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father”(Matthew 5:16).

Pastoral Leadership Team

The Pastoral Leadership Team is formed by dedicated employees seeking to lead people closer to Christ Jesus the Lord by living in the heart of His Church.

Father Dave Nuss
Priest and Pastor


Doug Bullimore


Paul Lederman


Sister Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock, SND
Evangelization & Discipleship


Tom Williams
Music and Liturgy


Liz Stieber
Finance and Operations


Missy Gillig


Sister Constance Marie Suchala, SND
Mission Integration


Jim Woods
Pastoral Care for the Sick and Grieving


Laurie Fitzpatrick
Administrative Assistant


Kathy Well
Administrative Assistant


Kathy Smith
Youth Faith Formation


Pastoral Council

In accordance with the recommendation first made during the Second Vatican Council (1965), the Pastoral Council considers, plans and recommends ways for the parish to accomplish the mission of Christ. Designed to be a strategic team, the Pastoral Council works closely with the pastor to keep the parish focused on the divine purpose; that is, continuously seeking to follow God’s Will and inspiring the members of the parish family to do the same so to build an increasingly robust, generous and grateful community of faith.

Marie Bauman, Dianne Brandt, Stefania Carrubba, Andrea De LaRoca, Steve Drabek, Jill Fishman, Michael Fitzpatrick, Jan Florian, Ryan Mouch, Mike Pollauf (Chair), Kristy Rothe (Vice-Chair), Steve Scharf, Jim Schramm

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Pastoral Council Charter

Finance Council

Following the policies established by the Diocese of Toledo, the Finance Council is an oversight committee providing regular financial advice and counsel to the pastor so to ensure reliable fiscal management of the parish.

In addition to the continuous oversight of parish financial conditions, the Finance Council creates and recommends the annual budget to the pastor, monitors the maintenance needs for parish property and buildings, helps the pastor to develop long range planning for operational and capital needs and promotes excellent stewardship in all parish operations.

Carmelo Carrubba, Dave Barchick, Tim Keating, Greg Kissner, John Phlipot (Recorder), Ken Saggese (Chair), Steve Wierzbicki, Cheryl Zwyer


St. Benedict School Trustees

St. Benedict School was formed for the 2010-2011 school year as a cooperative venture between Little Flower Catholic Parish and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish.  Located on the campus of Little Flower Catholic Parish, St. Benedict School provides an outstanding Pre-School  through 8th Grade Catholic education. Learning that is that rooted in the development of personal character through Christian virtues, St. Benedict School inspires the complete development of each and every child – mind, body and soul.

Father Dave Bruning (Superintendent), Greg Champa, John Landry (Chair), Tonia Schoen, Mark Schreiner (Vice-Chair), Denise Ziehr, Deb Bercher, Elena Caballero, Barb Schlembach, Anthony Gillen, Rosalind Needham, Jim Oess, Martha Hartman, Liz Stieber, Father Dave Nuss, Dave Lang


ACTS Council

Following the national statutes set forth by ACTS Missions, members of the ACTS Council oversee and promote the growth of the ACTS movement in the parish through providing weekend retreats and small group faith sharing opportunities.

John Phlipot (Supplies and IT Coordinator), Sally Bullimore (Social Coordinator), Joe Couturier (Women’s Support Coordinator), Marianne Hassen (Facilitator), Lori Kertesz (Men’s Support Coordinator), Tim Mattison (Men’s Spiritual Coordinator), Marty McManus (Co-Facilitator), Martha Nasset (Communications), Bob Sadowy (Service Coordinator), Karli Vercellotti (Women’s Spiritual Coordinator)