Homily Notes (Sun) August 13

No sooner are more than 5000 people fed from a five loaves and two fish, than Jesus tells His disciples to make their way across the Sea of Galilee without Him (Matthew 14:22). It feels like a test for the disciples and one made even more rigorous due to Jesus’ physical absence.

  • Jesus is alone on the mountain overlooking the sea calmly praying.
  • Meanwhile His disciples are in real trouble having been caught in a violent storm.

We really don’t know what we are capable of doing and who we are capable of becoming until we are stretched. That is, until God stretches us. 

So long as we keep our sights set squarely on the Lord Jesus, the most fearful challenges we face give our blessed Lord splendid opportunities to root us even more firmly in the faith.

Lord Jesus, save us!


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