Don’t Let Difficulties Become Excuses (12/3)

First the Magi see a star. They recognize God’s light and then they set out after it. And it’s not easy. However, the difficulties ahead of them on their journey will remain only what they are – difficulties; that is, they will not morph into excuses why their journey to Jesus has to end or never even begin.

God puts a star before us. Recognize the divine inspiration through which God deeply desires to draw us closer to Him. We have the choice to follow generously and promptly and with faith or of closing our eyes and pretending not to experience it. Assuredly there will be difficulties. Maybe the light seems to disappear as if did from the Magi’s sight. Sooner or later we all must face a starless night with only the recollection of God’s inspiration to guide us. When darkness comes let faith move us until, in God’s good time, the star will shine again.

Do not let difficulties become the occasion for making excuses.

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