Witness With Us

Intentional disciples witness.

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”

Jackie Robinson

There is a big difference between talking a good game and taking action. Simply claiming to have a personal relationship with Jesus is no guarantee that there is genuine Gospel knowledge or integrity with the virtues that accompany such a bold claim. Jesus teaches that real faith is shared generously by practicing virtues including kindness, mercy and charity to everyone we meet. We lovingly extend ourselves in a most special way to those whose needs are especially pronounced and pressing.

Jackie Robinson

“It’s not enough to know Christ, we must bring him to everyone!”

Pope Saint John Paul II

How, exactly, do we best come to share or witness our faith? It is not what we say that matters as much as what we do. In other words, it isn’t teaching with words but living joyful and generous lives of prayer that make the greatest impacts. Faith is seen, it is witnessed. Actions speak louder than words. Yet, even in instances when words are remembered, the enduring influence takes shape from how the words are spoken; that they are sincere, compassionate, merciful and true.

Gospel love is witnessed in Saint Teresa of Kolkata who lavished compassion on lepers. It is witnessed in the total outpouring of love of the Franciscan priest Saint Maximillian Kolbe who offered his own life in place of a fellow concentration camp prisoner he did not even know. It is the relentless love of Jesuit missionary Saint Isaac Jogues who was tortured by the Mohawk, dumped penniless and nearly naked on the shores of France, asked to return to North America as a missionary out of searing love, and then was tortured again and finally martyred by the Iroquois.