Little Flower Live Notes – “What Is The Bible?” (10/13)

Little Flower Live Notes – “What Is The Bible?” (10/13)

Understanding Scripture

  • Fundamental attitude of mind in Scripture – aspiration toward God, love reaching out to Him, the ardent desire to be with Him now and forever – is the only thing enabling us to penetrate its Mystery.
  • Not principally a document to study, but God Himself Whom we encounter
  • You can only come to understand Scripture on your knees
  • We read Scripture in a spirit of reverence and love

Praying with the Bible

  • It is a book of prayer (v. a book of prayers)
  • Teacher prayer does not consist simply in a ritual practiced, but in a state of mind – more: in a way of living
  • Can only be understood in faith and living faith requires prayer
  • Making ourselves accessible to the “divine whisper”, attentive to God’s intentions and instructions

The Bible Shows Us Who We are and How We are to Live

  • It is the book of humanity and the book of divinity
  • It teaches we are fully alive standing before God as a factor in God’s Plan
  • It teaches us to pray and to know that when we do we are participating in God’s work