Virtue is Grown (3/18)

Virtue is Grown (3/18)

Virtues are good habits acquired through the repetition of doing what is right with the help of grace.

Virtues are grown. Typically, we see others doing what is right and, then, practice what we see.

In the same way an athlete improves physical excellence and a musician sharpens aesthetic excellence by dedicated practice, so, too, does the person who habitually does what is right continue to act well when difficulties arise.

Because the converse also is true it remains important to renounce bad habits – sins.

The practice of good habits – virtues – is the path that leads us to God. With the help of grace, intentional disciples not only labor to avoid occasions of sin and resist temptations with strength, but become ever more who it is God has created them to be.

So, then, dare to grow in virtue; that is, commit to practicing good habits.