Spiritual Pursuit (7/9)

Spiritual Pursuit (7/9)

The spiritual life likens a child who comes upon a crossroad.

The two diverging roads require a decision. Actually the choice remains a daily resolution, even moment to moment. One way leads the soul ever more entirely into the calm and confidence of God’s Kingdom. The other is a riotous self-referential route unable to satisfy.

Even for souls deeply desiring God, it can be tough and tiring trek. Real commitment is rigorous. When the shadow of darkness covers – and will – the soul struggles simply to realize progress already made. These conditions heighten the demands of faith and hope. Then, without warning, the broader way boasting worldly comforts and conveniences comes into view. The soul feels the temptation to exit and pursue an far easier way. Decision anew. When spiritually sober, the soul knows it cannot trust itself alone and must yield to the guiding authority of the Holy Spirit, the Lord the Giver of Life.

Salvation is not without sacrifice.

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