Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time [A] February 12


In today’s Gospel Jesus continues His extraordinary discourse, carefully explaining the central place of God’s Law in our daily living (Matthew 5:17-37).

Jesus teaches that He did not come to abolish the Law, but rather to bring it to perfection (v. 17). Thus, the Ten Commandments very much remain as fundamental features for right and proper living.  The Law is neither denied nor abrogated. The complete teaching is that we must live God’s Law externally and internally. That is, our inner motivations must correspond with our outward actions.

Salvation is never achieved by our actions. God saves. God always wants to give us what we need to keep His commands in thought and action. It is for us to cooperate with His grace.

The Gospel summons is for us to develop deeper personal conviction to Jesus’ way for right and proper living. So, then:

  • How might I deepen my commitment to living as an intentional disciple of Jesus? As might we accomplish this as a community of faith?
  • Is there an aspect of my life that is contradictory with Jesus’ teaching?
  • What must I do to align my life more closely to Jesus’ prescribed pattern for daily living?