Advent 4th Sunday (12/20/20) Cycle-B

Although Advent soon gives way to the splendor of Christmas, how different would it be if we dared to live our lives as a continuous advent? That is, approaching each day as the day we will be with God forever. Our daily task remains the same: finding Jesus in this life and remaining beside Him for all eternity.

There is no better final preparation for Christmas than by keeping Mary close company,

As the only one “full of grace” and perfect model of holiness, she wants only to lead us to her Son, our blessed Lord Jesus.

Very soon we will see the Christ Child lying in the manger. What joyous proof of God’s mercy and love! Let us rid ourselves of discouragement and irritability. Christmas unleashes hope! No struggle and no failure, however intense and persistent, can do anything to stifle the inexhaustible love of God which conquer all things.