Saint Martha (7/29)

St-Martha-172x200Today’s feast day honoring SAINT MARTHA gives us all the splendid occasion to enter into Jesus’ special friendships. The home of Martha and her sister Mary and their brother Lazarus was visited often by Our Lord. Their genuine affection and admiration for each other inspires us to forge relationships ourselves that similarly are marked by meaning, trust, gratitude and joy.

One time Jesus arrives at their home four days after Lazarus had died. Despite her understandable grief at the loss of her brother, Martha sets her sadness aside to welcome her true friend Jesus. A marvelous conversation ensues during which Jesus reveals Himself to Martha – and to us – as being “the Resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25).

Jesus is the answer for all our questions. Make your way to Him. Develop a lasting relationship that likens a friendship above all else.

Saint Martha, pray for us!