Saint Joseph (3/19)

Saint Joseph (3/19)

The central feature of Saint Joseph’s soul is one of complete confidence and total abandonment to God’s will.

First, Joseph seeks to know God’s way and, then, he commits to making God’s plan is own.

The Gospel writer Matthew’s Gospel describes Joseph as “a just man” (Matthew 1:19). God’s Word teaches that “the just man lives by faith” (Romans 1:17).

Joseph lives by a deep faith continually deepened by suffering and tempered by hardship.

  • The perplexity aroused in his mind by Mary’s bewildering maternity
  • The extreme poverty and anxieties connected with Bethlehem
  • The harsh privations during the flight to Egypt and uncertain future

Simply put, Joseph takes to heart what God tells him to do. Joseph does not hesitate or reason; rather, he responds obediently and wholeheartedly.

Joseph completely believed in God and entirely trusted God’s Word. For us all, Joseph is an especially timely model of unshakable faith in God – a real and lively faith deepened by suffering and tempered by hardship.

Saint Joseph, pray for us and pray with us that we will live by faith and be guided in all things by divine Providence.

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