Saint Boniface (6/5)

SAINT BONIFACE enthusiastically proclaimed the Gospel of Christ throughout Central Europe. Born around 675 in Wessex (England) he entered a monastery at a young and age and, eventually, was ordained a priest when he was 30 years old. His great desire was to fight against pagan worship and inspire Christian morality.

The pope consecrated Boniface “Regional Bishop”, that is, for the whole of Germany. His tireless commitment to Christ and genuine love for all peoples brought forth great success in evangelizing the faith and organizing the church through the founding of dioceses and monasteries.

While he was beginning the celebration of Mass at Dokkum (today, northern Holland) on 5 June 754, he was assaulted by a band of pagans and martyred. He is popularly known as “the apostle of Germany”.

Boniface’s courageous and joyful witness is an invitation to us all to welcome God’s Word into our lives, to love the Church passionately, to feel co-responsible for Her future and to strengthen Her unity. He also teaches us that genuine Christianity improves the quality of life around us.

  • How central is God’s Word in your daily living?
  • What gospel is your life proclaiming?

Saint Boniface