Sacrament of Reconciliation

SIN is in a offense against God and fractures our relationship with Him. Neither is sin to be excused nor explained away lest the soul truly be in peril.

These are not mere flaws and imperfections but examples of PERSONAL SINS: eruptions of anger, promptings of jealousy and cravings of sensuality that are not immediately rejected; the desire to be the center of attention and being riled when not being recognized; not caring about the genuine condition of others but only self-interested and self-preserving; acts of piety that are fake and routine without love for God or deeply desiring to receive His love; rash judgments, cruel words and inconsiderate actions toward another and others.

As the Holy Spirit to help you see your sins and to develop a more sensitive conscience that seeks God’s pardon instead of looking for ways to justify and excuse our errors.

Avail yourself of the SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION. Go to Confession!

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