River of Peace (7/6)

River of Peace (7/6)

This weekend we hear utterly astonishing words from Isaiah pronounced 800 years before the Messiah’s arrival. These prophetic words are fulfilled perfectly in Christ Jesus the Lord:

I will spread prosperity over her like a river, like an overflowing torrent (Isaiah 66:12).

The “her” is the new Jerusalem – the Church – which includes each one of us.

The “prosperity” is peace – the very presence and power of the Risen Lord Jesus. God’s peace is a gift freely given us. It is granted to those daring to live their lives in imitation of Christ Jesus, those sincerely seeking to make God’s Will to their own very way of living.

As followers of Christ and members of His Church it remains our task to be bearers of peace, to carry it wherever we go so to share it generously with all those whom we encounter.