Preaching Notes – Sunday 7/19

Preaching Notes – Sunday 7/19

God’s Word provides the clear pathway toward reducing worry, fear, and anxiety.

The natural response to worry is trying to change the negative feelings – agitation, discouragement, edginess, impatience. Merely setting out to feel different fails to resolve the struggle fear causes.

Simple biblical steps make possible a supernatural response to these threats to happiness and inner peace – Relinquishment.

When practiced daily, these simple biblical steps – Relinquishment – make for daily living that is more meaningful. With time and commitment, a new habit is formed and the response to anxiety becomes less of a futile attempt to change negative feelings and more of a grace-filled liberation from them.

Relinquishment is the biblical response for intentional disciples of Christ Jesus to be rid of the stranglehold of worry and find true and lasting joy.

Practice Relinquishment: Tuesday 8PM