Preaching Notes (Sun) November 15, 2020

Preaching Notes (Sun) November 15, 2020

God expects us to act (Matthew 25:14-30).

In Jesus’ story, the owner knows the capacities of each servant and gives to each accordingly.

The biblical word translated as “talent” does not mean a skill, but is an ancient unit of currency (“one talent” likens a “million dollars”). All three servants have received a veritable treasure.

The two servants having received the most “talents” both double their respective value (vv. 16-17). Upon the owner’s return they are praised and rewarded for their action (vv. 19-23).

The third servant, however, is seized by fear and hides the treasure entrusted to him (v. 18). When the owner returns this servant is condemned as wicked and lazy and what remains is taken from him and given to the other two servants. Matthew reveals the true motivation of the third servant – e.g. wicked (self-preserving, self-consumed) and lazy.

We are the servants.

The “talents” are qualities and opportunities God graciously has given to us. The duration of the journey signifies the length of our life. The owner’s return signifies our death. The settling of accounts is God’s judgement rendered unto us. The banquet is heaven.

Life is short. Therefore, use well the time we still have.