Preaching Notes – Feast of the Epiphany (1/3)

Preaching Notes – Feast of the Epiphany (1/3)

“They were overjoyed at seeing the star.” (Matthew 2:10).

The New American Bible translation we hear at Mass today understates the ancient Greek original.  A more literal rendering is given us by the English Standard Version: “They rejoiced excessively with great joy.”

The Gospel writer Matthew emphasizes the deep joy and absolute exuberance welling up and brimming over the magi. There absolutely is no mistaking it. Having been patiently searching for truth, the magi suddenly realize they are on the the certain route to God! They are seized by an utter ultimate delight that scatters all darkness of distress. Though not long removed from the dangerously insecure Herod and terror gripping all of Jerusalem, the magi only feel inexpressible excitement that they now know the way.

Notice, they have not yet seen God, but they now know the way to Him.

Those who really seek God always will find Him. God sees it so.