Preaching Notes – Assumption of Mary (Sun) August 15, 2021

Our permanent abode is in heaven

Mary’s Assumption reminds us that our permanent abode is not on earth but in heaven. At the end of her life, Our Lady was assumed into heaven body and soul where she, with her divine Son, has proceeded us.

Humanity is in heaven.


The resurrection of the body

Mary displays the glorification of our humanity. As her resurrected body has been glorified by grace, so will it be for us as and all the saints at the end of time.

Of course, the singular privilege is most fitting for her. Never was she touched by even the dimmest shadow of sin, but always remained pure and holy as the immaculate tabernacle the Son of God.


The route we must follow

Mary’s purity and holiness is aptly understood in terms of detachment. While living in the world, she was perfectly detached from created things. It is for us to imitate her.

  • “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38 ESV/CE).
  • “Do whatever he [Jesus] tells you” (John 2:5 ESV/CE).

She savored the beauty of creation without ever becoming attached things. In this way, Mary shows us how fly toward heaven while living in the world.


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