Preaching Notes – Ascension of Our Lord (5/16)

Preaching Notes – Ascension of Our Lord (5/16)

It never really has been about restoring normalcy. Good grief, it wasn’t normal before the pandemic!

God is reaching into our hearts and calling us back to Him. He is sounding a clarion call for us to ponder deeply what it means in for Jesus Christ truly to be our Lord, Savior and Messiah.

God wants us to return to Him, to be more relational and alive and less institutional and programmed. God graciously shows us our vulnerabilities so that we can lean more fully into Him, make our way to Him, connect with Him.

  • Our lives are gifts from God; they are purposeful and meaningful.
  • God equips us to seek and discover our purpose and meaning ; prayer is the pathway – regular and personal conversation with God.

It is not about reopening. Nor is it about restoring conveniences.

This is a decisive moment to cultivate deeper friendship with God, to immerse myself in on-going conversation with God, to turn to God in all aspects of my life, to dare to trust God more.

  • I love Jesus Christ.
  • My love for Him is itself a gift God has given me and still gives to me.

St. Thérèse, the Little Flower passionately exclaims, “everything is grace.” How right she is!