Preaching Notes (9/20)

Preaching Notes (9/20)

This is not a lesson on labor relations, but another story Jesus tells us to explain God’s Kingdom.

Far too many people live and die without discovering the truth that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection brings salvation to the entire world. Jesus invites everyone to work in His vineyard; that is, God’s Kingdom. God uses us to help bring people in His vineyard, His Kingdom.

It is for us to help people find Jesus along their way by means of our actions and words.

  • How wholeheartedly am I working in God’s vineyard?
  • How genuinely caring am I of others whom I meet along my way?
  • How patient and loving am I with those who present themselves inconveniently and ungratefully?

Those who genuinely are working (read: living) in God’s vineyard seek to help others know Jesus and in doing so help them into God’s vineyard.

Working in God’s vineyard is genuinely caring for others in daily living. Intentional disciples are vineyard workers who make sure that no family member and no friend ever will be able to say at the end of their lives that they had no one concerned about them.