Preaching Notes (6/28)

Preaching Notes (6/28)

At every Sunday Mass no less than four separate Scripture readings are proclaimed (the reading from the Book of Psalms typically is sung).

We continue to work our way through the Gospel of Matthew with the passage today being Matthew 10:37-42

  • Q. To whom is Jesus speaking?
  • A. The twelve disciples (Matthew 10:1)
  • Q. What is the main point of Jesus’ teaching to the twelve disciples?
  • A. What it means to be His disciple.

Curiously, an unexpected word is repeated nine times in these 6 verses – the pronoun “whoever” (which also can be translated as “anyone”).

If it were sophomore English class, poor Matthew would earn a C- for repeating this one pronoun over and over in such a short portion. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit what is God seeking to emphasize and insist is so very important we understand?

Discipleship is open to everyone [recall Q #2 above].

  • First, Jesus tells of three ways in which “whoever” will be unworthy of discipleship (vv. 37-38).
  • Then, Jesus clearly states that living as His disciple is the path to finding life (v. 39).
  • Finally, Jesus explains three ways in which “whoever” will be able to display their worthiness and receive the reward which He has come to bring (vv. 40-42).

Friends, Jesus does not mince words. Only those placing Jesus at the center of their lives are His disciples. Stated differently, Jesus must be the center of the life of “whoever” claims to be His follower.

God states elsewhere that love must be lived in the home. Jesus explains that when the bond uniting us to God is solidly at the center of our life, family love becomes stronger and more meaningful.

Intentional disciples know they are able to love others in the measure God first is loved by them.