Preaching Notes – 3rd Sunday (1/24)

Preaching Notes – 3rd Sunday (1/24)

MARK 1:14-20

Now is the moment to pray for the grace – power – to change everything in our lives that is not a part of God’s Plan for us.

The word Jesus speaks in the Gospel that is translated “repent”, literally means “to go beyond one’s mind.” Stated differently, it means to turn around, to change one’s mind, to think differently.

When we repent, we first turn away from sin, from everything in our life that is at odds with God’s way. Then, we turn toward Jesus’ message and mission.

The opponent seeks to fuel our fear to prevent our turning away from sin and turning toward Jesus.

  • Turn away from fear of a virus that keeps you from following Jesus more wholeheartedly
  • Turn away from fear of political tribalism that keeps you from placing Jesus front and center in your life
  • Turn away from cultural violence that keeps you from receiving the peace of Christ.

Christians repentance makes for joyful living.  Those before us who themselves repented, make possible this moment of us.  Now is our moment for lively faith and heroic love.