Preaching Notes – 11th Sunday Ordinary Time (6/13)

The LORD takes the smallest to do amazing things (Mark 4:26-34).


Saint Therese, the Little Flower, comes to experience God’s graciousness as the “little way.” She states:

“To reach perfection, I do not need to grow up. On the contrary, I need to stay little, to become more and more little.”


So, then, how do we “stay little” in daily living?


In our relationship with God

We cannot be saved by what we do; we only can be saved by grace, when God’s freely given love is received and takes hold of us and changes us.


In living with others

Set our sights to please God in little things, staying alert for simple opportunities to show signs of love


Seeing our faults as grace-filled opportunities 

Even when humiliating and painful, our failings need not discourage if we stay strong trusting in God.  



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