Praying the Rosary (10/7)

The title “rosary” means roses. The collection of prayers we place before our Blessed Lord Jesus through the eyes of Our Lady liken a beautiful bouquet that is created. The scenes are presented as unique moments or what we commonly call mysteries. They are divided into four different groupings: joyful, sorrowful, glorious and luminous. 

Our task always is to pray with love. We might add a special request or whisper a name to every mystery in order to avoid our prayer becoming mechanical. Taking a moment to ponder each mystery by placing ourselves into the event helps us to make for an even more personal encounter with Christ Jesus. Assuredly, we rejoice as the events in His life lead to our own salvation unfolding and we suffer compassionately with the Holy Family during their many trials.

The praying of the rosary always is done to lead us closer to Jesus with the loving intercession and advocacy of Mary who wants nothing more than for us all to know, love and serve Her Son as Lord, Savior and Messiah.