Pray Fervently for the Cardinal-Electors

SAINT ALPHONSUS LIGOURI (d. 1787) was keenly aware that a less than qualified, less than zealous pope could be elected. God does not automatically bring forth the right man as the successor of Peter, the man who will serve the Church fervently and with perfect fidelity to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We do not believe in a God who likens a cosmic puppeteer.

Instead, this moment is best seen and understood as a tremendous grace which for it to be received requires first that the whole Church sincerely seeks God and God’s inexhaustible mercy.

In contrast to the pagan prognosticators, genuine Christians take to their knees offering heartfelt prayers and sacrifices right now and throughout the time of election, that God will send His Church a marvelously holy shepherd whose imitation of Jesus Christ, the One and only High Priest, will be marked by tremendous compassion, unflinching courage and inspiring authenticity.

Listen attentively to the words of Saint Alphonsus that seem especially timely and instructive for us:

“Prayer, which can provide a remedy for so many present ills, will move the Lord to put His hand to the problem and remedy the situation.”

Pray, Christians, pray!