Persevering Prayer (11/15)

“As Jesus approached Jericho a blind man was sitting by the roadside begging” (Luke 18:35).

Holding fast to the actual miracle Jesus performs, the earliest commentators further explain that the blind man also symbolizes those who are unable to see eternal light.

How easily we can fail to recognize God in our personal struggles along the way. Spiritual blindness intensifies from anxiety and fear. It intensifies from unforgiveness and grief.  The threat is real to collapse within our miseries and cut ourselves off from the divine light.

In the throes of such trials, what are we to do?

The blind man near Jericho – Bartimaeus – provides a marvelous lessen: make our way to our blessed Lord all the more earnestly. Even when it seems He is set to move on from us, Jesus always is perfectly aware of our situation. The greater our inner confusion, the more our difficulties grow, the more determined we must be in making our way to God.  When darkness abounds, seek the One Who is Light. Cry out ever more strongly to God, expecting His Light to scatter the darkness: “Lord, I want to see!”






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