Our Lady of Fatima (5/13)

On May 13, 1917, Our Lady appeared to the three children Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta in Fatima, Portugal. She asked the children to return there on the thirteenth of each month for the following six months. Her message was simple and clear: pray the rosary and do penance for sins – prayer and penance.

During her August apparition, the Blessed Virgin promised to give a sign that would be seen by all as proof of the truth of her message. As she did in each appearance, she reminded the children to pray the rosary and to offer sacrifices for the reparation of sins (do penance).

On October 13, tens of thousands of people had gathered to witness the children and their monthly encounter with Our Lady. For nearly 10 minutes the sun spun in the sky like a wheel of fire. Promise made, promise fulfilled.

Today, let us ask ourselves:

  • How wholeheartedly do we respond the God’s promptings to purify ourselves?
  • How often and how well do we pray the rosary?
  • How constant are we at making reparation for our own past sins and for the sins of the world?
  • How do our words and actions lead our friends and all those whom we encounter closer to Christ?

Fatima Children