New Daily Routine (3/22)

New Daily Routine (3/22)

We all are trying to see by the divine light after having our lives turned upside down by the Covid-19 contagion. The same divine light enabling the Samaritan woman (cf. John 4) and man born blind (cf. John 9) seeks to meet us exactly where we are and scatter the darkness!

Kindly permit me to encourage three sensible additions to your new daily routine.


Prayer means conversation with God. This conversation is life. It makes no difference what words you use or how many. Simply show up and sincerely spend a daily moment with Jesus .

TIP! I have found it helpful to make a sacred place in my home and to plant myself there at the same time each day.



Saints are friends of God. They are ones who knew Jesus. Don’t just gather facts so you merely know about a saint, but really get to know one; that is, befriend a saint!

TIP! If you don’t know where to begin, start with Therese Martin or her parents, Louis and Zelie Martin



The Rosary or “crown of roses” is a prayerful reflection on the life of Jesus. We contemplate various Gospel episodes or “mysteries” through Mary’s perspective.

An aid is used in this prayer: a string of beads. Some of these beads are larger or are set apart from the others by a greater distance. Ten smaller beads follow a larger one and form a decade (representing a Gospel episode).

The decades taken together are preceded by a sort of preface, formed by a small crucifix and followed by one large bead and then three smaller beads. The string of beads slides through the fingers of one who prays enabling us to contemplate with no worries of counting. Beginning at the little cross, we pray the Creed. At the larger beads we pray the Our Father. At every smaller bead we pray the Hail Mary. After every decade we pray the doxology, or Glory Be. It all begins and ends with the Sign of the Cross. 

TIP! You can pray the Rosary together with me every day at 6:30p