Mercy Works (12/4)

Mercy Works (12/4)

Christians know mercy is received from God in measure we extend it to those whom we encounter.

It always begins with the compassion we show to those whom God has placed alongside us – family and close friends.

Some works of mercy are decisively spiritual in nature. It is a duty and privilege to:

  • Correct those making a mistake when the opportunity arises, always sorting facts charitably and respectfully.
  • Teach those who do not know, especially with regard to ignorance of God and God’s ways.
  • Counsel the doubting patiently and sincerely.
  • Pardon quickly those who have offended us without undue emphasis to the offence itself.
  • Help the needy generously and happily.
  • Pray for the living and the dead and growing in gratitude for the ones whom we owe most.


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