Love’s Demand (3/26)

Love’s Demand (3/26)

Although our buildings are closed, our church is alive as the Body of Christ in a variety of positive ways.

I continue to be amazed and uplifted hearing numerous accounts of how you are investing yourselves in your families. Saint Pope John Paul II (+2005) repeatedly exalted the domestic church – the home church – as the first church.

So, too, am I inspired in my spirited efforts to reach out to others by how you are connecting with those known and unknown to you throughout our parish and simply staking your claim to live as church in wholly creative ways. Your shared calls, notes, meals and other charitable offerings beautifully display the face of the Risen LORD Jesus and make for one very proud priest and pastor!

In this dire moment you dare to rally as intentional disciples. Casting aside fear and selfishness, you continue to ask and answer the question that animated Saint Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower (+1897): what is the demand of love? 

This question has done marvels for me toward keeping me grounded in the present moment so as to lessen feeling overwhelmed by all that I am unable to control.

I am offering my own suffering from our being apart physically for your own physical and spiritual protective covering of divine grace, divine power. Words are inadequate to express the depth of my love for you and desire for us to be reunited physically as church soon.

Meanwhile, persevere living as the Body of Christ right where you are!