Just Show Up (10/20)

Just Show Up (10/20)

Intentional disciples know that the most important moment is same every single day: pausing to pray.

Sometimes prayer wildly expands my awareness of God in wonderfully personal way. In these moments time stops and distractions cease because I am enveloped by His love and mercy.

Prayer is conversation with God. It likens easy sharing between good friends. Like good friends, just being together is what is most memorable.

Prayer is not about what happens as much as it happens. Choosing to be with God. Sometimes realizing He (always) waits for me. Eagerly.

Keep showing up, despite difficulties that make it hard and temptations that distract.

It helps my prayer knowing that God always understands me.

On our part, we only have to turn to Him and be real. Let Him participate in the time together. Better: expect Him to do so.  However weak you feel, or unimpressive your prayer seems or unproductive your prayers appear, just spend time together with God every single day.

If you want to pray, you have to pray.