Jesus Wept (3/29)

Jesus Wept (3/29)

In the Gospel episode heard today of Jesus’ bringing back to life the 4-day dead Lazarus, it is an intriguing detail as well as the shortest verse in the entire Bible: “Jesus wept” (John 11:35).

Why did the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Messiah of God, weep?

Maybe Jesus wants to show the depth of divine tenderness over the physical death of a friend.

Perhaps Jesus’ tears are shed over the unbearable tragedy of so many still not believing He is the Christ. God’s Anointed.

No less an authority than Saint Augustine (+430) says that Jesus weeps to teach us to weep. It is an dramatic demonstration of empathy.

How well we all will do to cherish Jesus’ tears! He wants to help us live in divine grace. He deeply desire to help us live in His light which will scatter the darkness – a currently descending darkness of isolation, remoteness, distance and fear.

Look to Jesus! Imitate Him.