Imitating Mary (10/9)

Imitating Mary (10/9)

How are we to imitate Mary’s faithfulness to God in our daily lives?

  1. Listen to God’s Word

Mary made space in her life so that God’s Word could enter and be heard. She let God’s Word resonate in her mind and heart. From the moment of the angel’s greeting though Jesus’ final words, Mary sought to hear God. She created a zone of silence which made it possible for her to ponder God’s Word.

  1. Respond to God’s Word

From Mary’s zone of silence comes her eagerness to say “yes” to God. By means of God’s grace, she wants God’s Word to be the one and only word she hears.

  1. Serve God

Responding to God’s Word obediently and cheerfully, enables God to display divine greatness within her. From the Incarnation to the Cross and, then, alongside the first Christians, Mary lives her life as a humble servant of the Lord.




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