FEAST: Sts. Peter & Paul (6/29)

FEAST: Sts. Peter & Paul (6/29)

Jesus changes the name of Simon (to Peter) and Saul (to Paul).

Biblical name changes always indicate a new identity that relates to God-given mission entrusted to a person.

Neither Peter nor Paul will change as quickly as their names did. Neither apostle displays an immediate unconditioned acceptance of Christ’s call – Peter wavers impulsively and Paul disappears to the desert for three years.

God relentlessly pursues those whom He has renamed and, with time, both Peter and Paul live up to their respective names. Indeed, both will accept death over their denial of Jesus as their Lord, Savior and Messiah.

If we have the same sincerity to do God’s will and humbly seek divine grace, we too will become worthy of the name God has given us: Christian.