Feast of Christ the King (November 25)

Feast of Christ the King (November 25)

As a response to the rising secular tide denying God’s absolute and perfect sovereignty over all, the Feast of Christ the King has been celebrated in the universal Church since 1925. Non-Christian dictators in Europe and elsewhere were seeking to assert ultimate authority over peoples, including members of the Church of Christ. This feast especially champions the beauty, goodness and truth of religious freedom. The Feast of Christ the King celebrate thes inherent dignity within all people to worship the One True God and to grow in their understanding and practice of religious faith.




What do we mean when we say that Jesus Christ is King?

After all, Jesus is not a charismatic leader seeking to rally the base to take up arms against their Roman occupiers. Nor does Jesus march His way across the earthly stage gathering an army of soldiers who will hoist him up to sit on an imperial earthly throne.

The kingship of Christ Jesus is vastly different than such worldly standards of power.

As King, Jesus reigns from His having been lifted high on a cross from which all people are drawn to Him. His actions even more than His words boldly proclaim the supremacy of divine love which accomplishes everything for us and for our salvation.

Intentional disciples acclaim “Christ as King” by working to eliminate hatred and cruelty, instead seeking to live each day as instruments of mercy and peace. Intentional disciples always wonder “What more can I do”?


As we celebrate the feast of Christ the King this weekend, let’s ask Christ our King to empower us to help mend what is broken, save what is lost, order what is in disarray, redirect all those who have strayed and unify what is divided.