When we realize how much we have made Jesus suffer and feel genuine sorrow for our selfish actions and sinful choices, it becomes easier to ask for His pardon and forgiveness.

In the Catholic Christian tradition we know and experience the SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION (or as it more popularly is called “Confession”) is an encounter with no less than Christ Jesus the Lord who makes Himself present to us through His priestly servant. Jesus welcomes us as the Good Shepherd (cf. John 10), He heals our wounds as the Good Samaritan (cf. Luke 10), and He restores our spirit as The Way, The Truth and The Life (cf. John 14).

This Lent, GO TO CONFESSION. Seek God’s absolution and forgiveness which He makes radically available. Make your way to the Sacrament with confidence by trusting wholeheartedly in the inexhaustible reservoir of divine mercy. God’s forgiving love is eternal and infinite and always ready to be lavished upon the humble and contrite disciple.


Rembrandt Prodigal Son