Books Help the Mind & Soul (7/8)

A University of California study says we are consuming information at the clip of more than 100,000 words per day through the deluge of texts, alerts, notifications, work and personal emails, news headlines, blog feeds and social media posts.


How much better would it be if more of our daily words were meaningful, creative, and imaginative? Many express the desire to read more books, however they have not been able to make it happen. Kindly permit me to share some practices that have helped me turn the page more often.

  1. Reading before bedtime helps me settle down and gives me a sense of peace.
  2. Parking the pocket slot machine that is my mobile device, especially in the early morning and after dinner.
  3. Unfollowing every news and sports site on social media feeds.
  4. Although I prefer reading printed books, if you use an e-reader chose one that does not receive texts and lead into other temptations.
  5. Sharing interests with family and friends often helps me find a good book.

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