8th Sunday in Ordinary Time [C] March 3, 2019

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time [C] March 3, 2019

Matthew 6:39-45

In the Gospel Reading, Jesus offers two maxims for discipleship. First, before a disciple judges anyone else, they must have there own spiritual clarity. Seconda disciple always tests the relationship between their own heart and mouth before undertaking the task of correcting someone else’s problems. Of course, genuine disciples always measure themselves against Christ Jesus, Who alone is the answer to every question.


For the past few weeks at Sunday Mass we have listened to Jesus’ teaching that true discipleshipinvolves love, compassion and integrity. Just as Jesus is wholly authentic – that is, what Jesus saysisperfectly, completely and entirely what Jesus does– so too, must all His disciples live sincere and integral lives.

In today’s Gospel Reading, Jesus uses simple examples form ordinary experience to illustrate this truth (Luke 6:39-45). How easily we are able to see the tiny defects in other people without noticing how much is lacking in ourselves! Lord, have mercy on us!

Intentional disciples are reflective, mindful, self-aware and tirelessly seeking, with God’s grace [grace = power], to live authentically. They are determined, as it were, to reduce the gap between what they hold to be true and how they really live.

  • Notice how your Christian behavior reflects your inner self.
  • Beware dangers of conformity for the sake of conformity and not for the sake of deep conversation.

At the end of the Gospel passage, Jesus says, “When fully trained, every disciple will be like their teacher” (v. 40). So, then:

  • How are you training to live as Jesus’ disciple?
  • What are you doing to grow in your understanding and practice of the Christian Faith?