Advent 2nd Sunday (12/6/20) Cycle-B

Advent 2nd Sunday (12/6/20) Cycle-B

Mark 1:1-8

The “wilderness” is code for the world. Humanity today scarcely can hear the prophetic cry to “prepare the way of the Lord.” Many tragically wait for nothing and accept mediocrity. Others ruin themselves by making ultimate ends of wealth, pleasure, power and honor.

  • How am I preparing the way of the Lord in my life?
  • How am I persuading people to seek God as their ultimate end?



Mark’s Gospel opens with a bold declaration: Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God (Mark 1:1).

No sooner is Jesus’ identity revealed, than two different characters appear, one ancient, the other contemporary. We heard words first spoken by Isaiah 800 years before Jesus’ arrival which remind us that a messenger will prepare God’s way (vv. 2-3). Then, John the Baptist comes into view as the fulfillment of this prophecy (vv. 4-6).

ADVENT is the opportunity for us to live in expectations of Jesus’ arrival. We know God’s Messiah and the rest of Mark’s Gospel explains how Jesus is the Son of God.

After introducing Isaiah and John the Baptist many more reliable witnesses will guide us through the entirety of Mark’s Gospel. Our task involves taking God’s Word to heart so that we will see and experience God’s saving power in our daily living and for all eternity.