5th Sunday Ordinary Time [C] February 10, 2019

5th Sunday Ordinary Time [C] February 10, 2019

This Sunday all the Scripture readings present our being our being chosen by God. In the Gospel (Luke 5:1-11) Jesus calls Peter to an entirely different way of living. Having long labored as a fishman, Jesus calls Peter to live from now on as a fisher of men and women.


Luke 5:1-11

With swelling crowds pressing upon Him while He teaches along the sea shore in Galilee, Jesus spies a boat and gets into it. We soon learn, however, that Jesus is not intending to escape! He anchors a very short distance from shore so He can continue teaching as many people as possible. The boat in which our blessed Lord is perched belongs to a local fishman: Peter. As readers of the Gospel story we know that Jesus met Peter previously. Perhaps that is why Jesus gets into Peter’s boat without a hint of trouble.

Actually, Jesus seems to have been entering more and more into Peter’s life. Although Jesus asks Peter to change his life now, the decisive moment actually rises from Jesus’ patient pursuit of Peter.

How often the divine grace empowering us to make a decision sits upon God’s deliberate and persistent preparation of us for the moment of selection! It likens the person chopping down a tree. While there is moment when the blow of the axe results in the tree falling, which swing really is the one that really knocks it down?

Sometimes God’s preparation is discreet and unnoticed. Other times God’s pursuit of us is unmistakably seen.

Whenever we dare to let Christ Jesus enter into our lives as he entered into Peter’s boat, everything changes.

Dare to deepen your availability to Jesus.