First Sunday of Advent (11/29)

Sometimes it can be very difficult to judge distances accurately. The light that at first may seem close can be miles away.

How hard it must have been for the prophets of old as they eagerly anticipated the redemption of their people! They did not know when their deliverance actually would arrive, only that God assuredly would fulfill His promise.

ADVENT is the special season of grace to heighten our expectations for God’s arrival. Look forward to Jesus. Let us make ready the way for God by keeping our sights set squarely on the goal: Jesus the Lord. If our sight is clouded and we do not see the radiance emanating from Bethlehem, let us immediately rid ourselves of whatever impairs our vision.

The Gospel summons makes clear that we are not to delay in readying ourselves for God’s immanent arrival: “Beware that your hearts not become drowsy…Be vigilant at all times” (Luke 21:34, 36).

The difficulties of the journey give way to joy when we find our way home safely! In Her great love for us all, the Church seeks to help us find our way through this special four-week period of perparation.

Persevere patiently and live in anticipation of God’s splendid arrival.