3rd Sunday (1/24/21) Cycle-B

3rd Sunday (1/24/21) Cycle-B

Mark 1:14-20

Jesus declares that time is “fulfilled”. God’s Kingdom stands at the threshold of earthly time and it makes sense to devote ourselves to this reality. To do this, God gracious equips us with grace; that is, His very power.


3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time [B]

Beginning this Sunday, the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Catholic Church starts a reading from the Gospel of Mark that will continue throughout the ordinary time of the liturgical year.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the earliest and shortest of the four Gospels, the evangelist Mark presents a dramatic telling of the life of Jesus. His Gospel opens us to a world of conflict and suspense, surprising reversals, strange ironies, riddles and hidden meanings, subversive actions, and political intrigues. The major human issues are addressed – life and death, good and evil, God and Satan, triumph and failure, mortality and immortality.

As might be imagined, a principal Gospel theme is discipleship. In the Scripture Reading for Mass this Sunday, two people hear the call of Jesus and immediately follow Him (Mark 1:14-20). Take note of the urgency marking the story. These first disciples respond to Jesus’ initiative without speaking a word, abandoning their previous standards of success and set out to follow Jesus – even though they have no idea where they will be lead.

The very nature of God’s Kingdom demands that others be called to join Jesus. God’s Messiah brings the Kingdom. The first sign of the closeness of God’s Kingdom is Jesus’ association of others with Him and inviting them to participate in His saving mission (vv. 16-20).

That is what discipleship entails.