2nd Sunday (1/17/21) Cycle-B

2nd Sunday (1/17/21) Cycle-B

John 1:35-42

The Gospel Reading scene immediately follows the story of Jesus’ baptism. Jesus’ public ministry now is underway. Notice carefully that Jesus does not issue a call for followers, but some purse Jesus because of the witness given by John the Baptist. If we are to become an intentional disciple, we must follow Jesus.



In today’s Gospel, John the Baptist is standing with two of his disciples and Jesus walks by them (John 1:35-36). John points towards Jesus and exclaims that the One who is passing by them is the Lamb of God (v. 36). The disciples move away from John and towards Jesus. They accept the witness of John and begin to follow Jesus.

  • Toward whom are you pointing?
  • How would others describe your witness?
  • Do you recognize Jesus? If so, where?

Jesus stops and wheels around asking His new followers: “What are you seeking?” This is a pivotal question. They address Jesus as Teacher and want to know where he lives, normal enough as the Rabbi sits in his house, gathers students around himself and gives instruction on the Law. They think they have found a rising Rabbi.

  • What are you seeking?
  • Are you trying to make Jesus the figure you want Him to be?

After staying with Jesus, the disciples become aware that Jesus is much more than a Rabbi (v. 39). They dash off to find Simon Peter and announce: “We have found the Messiah.” Eventually, they will come to understand that the Messiah finds them!

Resist temptations telling Jesus where we would like to go. Intentional disciples seek to have Jesus lead us where He wills.