26th Sunday A (9/27/20)

26th Sunday A (9/27/20)

Matthew 21:28-32

A late conversion always is better than self-righteous arrogance that one is beyond needing to change. Jesus comes to meet and heal the sick, not those who think themselves perfectly healthy and beyond God’s healing mercy. Actions speak louder than words.


26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus has entered into Jerusalem and the crisis point of his mission now is at hand (Matthew 21:28-32). The quickly conflict escalates as Jesus speaks with the chief priests and the elders of the people.

He tells them a parable of two sons. One son announces he will not work in the vineyard, but eventually does. The other son, full of empty promises, states he will go but never does.

Jesus asks his scornful listeners: “Which one did the father’s will” (v. 31).

They rightly choose the former son as the one who did the will of his father.

It never is a question of mouthing the right words or performing right ritual. God expects us to do what He wants. Enough already with religious looking acts and religious sounding words and refusing sincerely to live in God’s Presence.

Genuine Christians – intentional disciples, constantly strive to do what they say. That is, they live authentically.

The same holds true for a genuine parish for there is no other way a community of intentional disciples can be church than to commit to living it.